New Recording: “For God So Loved”

To go with my final post in the “Learning to Know Our Father” series, I felt God leading me to record the song He gave me a couple years ago, “For God So Loved”. This song is really my personal testimony of coming to know God in new and deeper way. From the sheet music page:

I was raised in the Mennonite Church and the Advanced Training Institute homeschool program, both of which confused my view of God and left me without a real understanding of His love and grace. People looking on thought that I was a very Godly young man, on fire for the Lord, but under the surface, Jesus wasn’t really in charge of my life. I struggled to make necessary changes in my life, but with little success. My dad wasn’t sure if I would ever become the man that God wanted me to be.

Finally, I realized that I could not ever correct my life in my own strength, and I began to seek God’s grace and power to become who He wanted me to be. In October, 2014, I finally surrendered my life 100% to Christ. He began to reveal Himself, His Word, His love and His grace in a new way to me. A couple months later, He gave me this song.

Download MP3

Sheet Music and Lyrics

For more songs that God has given me, see the Sheet Music page.


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6 Replies to “New Recording: “For God So Loved””

  1. This was great. The way that you and your family came out of the deceit of Gothard’s teaching is a powerful testimony to the amazing work of God. We were indoctrinated in it as well though I don’t think to the same extent, but that was because we moved to an even more strict church where even Bill Gothard’s principles were too worldly and we couldn’t attend the seminars anymore. But PRAISE GOD he rescues us!!!! I’m so grateful!

  2. Just so you all know who the musicians are, it is a quartet you could call: Me, Myself and I.

    All four parts were sung by Joel and he played all the instruments as well. Good job Joel!

  3. Well, Me Myself and I, 🙂 the kids and I sure enjoyed your song! The last line especially jumped out at me. Thanks for sharing!

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