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Greetings, friend! Thanks for stopping by my corner of the Web. I enjoy getting to know people, so welcome!

My name is Joel Horst. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a writer, a delivery driver, a musician, a songwriter, and a recording engineer.

My background includes being raised Mennonite until age 14; homeschooling in ATI; conservative values; no college education.

But lest you think that you can put me in a box, let me assure you that God has been busy breaking my boxes and setting me free to follow Him. I no longer espouse Mennonite values; no longer call myself a Mennonite; in fact, I refuse to be associated with Anabaptism at all.

Nor am I a conservative, either. The more I learn about conservatism, the less I want to be conservative. I am not a liberal or a moderate; I am a follower of Jesus. If that means siding with conservatives on some issue, so be it. If that means siding with liberals on some issue, so be it. But there’s a good chance that it means that I don’t side with anybody, liberal or conservative.

Joel Horst

On the road.

My ATI background means that I end up talking, sometimes, about Bill Gothard, the founder of that organization, or other facets of the conservative homeschool movement.

I am also a survivor of spiritual and emotional abuse, and I strongly support victims of all types of abuse: spiritual, emotional/psychological, physical, and sexual. I have seen and experienced the devastating effects of abuse, and I want to help others recover as well.

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  1. I am enjoying your thoughts and plan to read more of them. You sound like a true Christ follower and one who desires to be all that God created him to be.

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