Joy Inside

Sheet Music:






1. You will never know the joy that can be yours today,
If you never let the Savior in,
Give your life to Jesus Christ,
Trust in Him with all your heart,
And He will dwell within.

He will give you joy down inside your heart,
Down inside your heart,
Down inside your heart.
He will give you joy down inside your heart
If you let Him have control.
If you do God’s will,
His commands fulfill,
And you listen to the Spirit’s voice,
He will give to you a song,
As you’re traveling along,
And He’ll fill your heart with joy!

2. You will never have true joy without the Spirit down inside,
For you’ll only find true joy in Him.
If you ask the  Lord above,
He will send His Spirit now
To come and dwell within.

3. You can really have a life that is sweeter ev’ry day,
You can have a heart that’s free from sin,
You can have the peace of God,
Which no one can understand,
If Jesus dwells within.