The Covenant Song

Sheet Music






1. Way back in the beginning
When God created man,
He made Eve to be Adam’s wife,
And made a marriage plan:
That a man should leave his childhood home
And join to his bride,
And all their lives in love and joy
And harmony abide.


Yes, I will keep my covenant
Before the Lord above—
For better or for worse, my vow
To cherish and to love.
And while we both on earth shall live
Our covenant will stand.
For what God joins can never
Be torn apart by man.

2. The Savior came from Heaven
And paid the heavy price
To sanctify and cleanse the Church
He’s chosen for His wife.
And I want to follow in the path
That Christ showed me to live,
To honor and to cherish,
To love and to forgive.

3. God wants to give the best of life
That can be had on earth,
Through health and sickness, good and ill,
In sorrow and in mirth.
And I know it’s only possible
If both of us will be
Faithful to one another
Until eternity.

4. God wants a Godly family
That’s bursting out with joy.
With a happy mom and happy dad,
And happy girls and boys.
And He wants the children confident
That their life is secure:
No matter what, their mom and dad
Have joined to part no more.