Free eBook – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Do you wonder whether someone is a false prophet, but you aren’t sure how to find out? If your pastor was a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, would you know how to recognize his true identity?

Jesus warned us to beware of those who act like good Christians, talk like good Christians, and appear to be good Christians, but are actually false prophets. However, we often overlook or even excuse false teachers because we don’t want to falsely accuse anyone. By doing so, we put ourselves in spiritually dangerous situations.

I spent 20 years in bondage to false teaching from various false prophets and teachers. Finally, God opened my eyes to the truth and led me out of the lies and deceit I had believed for so long.

In Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, I share some of the lessons that God taught me about how to recognize false teachers. This book is completely free.

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