For God So Loved

I was raised in the Mennonite Church and the Advanced Training Institute homeschool program, both of which confused my view of God and left me without a real understanding of His love and grace. People looking on thought that I was a very Godly young man, on fire for the Lord, but under the surface, Jesus wasn’t really in charge of my life. I struggled to make necessary changes in my life, but with little success. My dad wasn’t sure if I would ever become the man that God wanted me to be.

Finally, I realized that I could not ever correct my life in my own strength, and I began to seek God’s grace and power to become who He wanted me to be. In October, 2014, I finally surrendered my life 100% to Christ. He began to reveal Himself, His Word, His love and His grace in a new way to me. A couple months later, He gave me this song.

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  1. For God so loved this sinful world that He gave His only Son.
    He came down to earth, died upon the cross, rose again— the victory won
    So that everyone who will trust in Him and believe with all their heart
    Will be changed by God, given life anew as He His grace imparts.

It was love (pure love) from the heart of God that gave His only Son.
And in love (true love) Jesus bled and died to ransom all His own.
Now His love so great is enfolding me and guides me home above.
So I give Him all my life, my heart — the heart that God so loved.

  1. For so long I tried to correct my ways without the pow’r of Christ.
    But I found at last that without His grace I could never change my life.
    I had long believed, yet in faith anew, I surrendered all to God.
    In His love He came, and in grace He made the change I long had sought.

  2. Yes, I pledge my heart to the Lord above. It’s the least that I can do.
    He deserves the best I can give to Him—He has given life anew!
    For  His  love is greater than I can dream, deeper than I’ll ever know.
    He has won my soul, and I give control to Him who loves me so.