Pressing On

Sheet Music






1. I’m on the narrow pathway that all the saints have trod.
I know the easy highway will not lead me up to God.
But when my feet grow weary and my strength is almost gone,
Lord, give me the strength
For pressing on.


I will never turn back from the narrow way,
For I want to arrive
In heaven some day.
Yes, I want to wear that beautiful crown.
Lord, give me the courage for pressing on.

2. Since I am on this pathway, Christ Jesus is my Lord.
I want to keep the precepts he has given in His Word.
But when the Devil tempts me and entices me to sin
Lord, give me the grace
For pressing on.

3. Sometimes the sky is darkened, I cannot see my way.
I have to trust the leading of my Savior day by day.
Until the darkness passes, and I see the morning dawn,
Lord, give me the light
For pressing on.

4. If I stay on this pathway, I know I’ll reach my home
The mansion waiting in that place where I’ll no longer roam.
The Savior then will give me, if His blest will I have done,
The crown of life
For pressing on.