The Prodigal

Sheet Music





1. The Bible tells a story of a man who had two sons.
The one got his inheritance and away from home did run.
He wasted all his money on the parties and the games,
But though his friends left
He would not go back,
For he knew he’d have to say:


Father, please forgive me,
For I have sinned against thee.
I’ve wasted all you gave me in the years that I have roamed.
I’m not worthy now to be your son;
To be a servant I have come.
So, Father, please forgive me, so I can come back home.

2. So the son went back to farming, taking care of dirty hogs.
He barely had a thing to eat, got treated like a dog.
When he came back to his senses, though he felt greatly ashamed,
He knew he must go
To his childhood home
And this is what he’d say:

3. But his father saw him coming, and he ran to him and said,
“Son, I’m so glad to see you, I thought that you were dead!
We will have a celebration, and rejoice you’re here to stay.”
And he brought him home,
And the wayward son
Barely had a chance to say:

4. Now if you have wandered far off from the Father up above,
You’ve disobeyed His teachings and have not shown Him love,
He’s waiting now to save you, though you are far away.
If you come to Him
He will take you in
If you bow your head and say: