Friends, God is getting ready to send judgment to the nation. People’s dreams are going to come crashing down around them as their life crumbles. They have forsaken His commandments for years and built up massive savings and massive debts. God has been so longsuffering and forgiving. He has given much time for people to repent of their ways. He even gave a warning in 2001 when the World Trade Center came down and the economy went into a tailspin. He could have ended it all right then and there. But He didn’t. The time is now ripe.

God’s ways are higher than ours. People are now saying “Peace and safety—everything is recovering.” God says that when people say “peace and safety”, then comes sudden destruction. He will judge sin. The only question is whether you will be included His judgment. If you follow Him, He will judge you according to your righteousness. If you disobey Him, He will judge you according to your sin. Listen to Him and repent of any sin that He shows you before His judgment begins and it’s too late.

People will not recognize God’s judgment at first. They will blame the government, banks, regulators and whoever else—anyone but themselves. God cannot stand sin. He will not tolerate wickedness forever. He will strike where it hurts the worst—the American Dream and associated debt.

Repent while there is time! Read God’s commands and follow them. He will hear you if you repent. Listen to His Spirit’s prompting in your life and follow it. He will not lead you wrong.


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