New Recording: The Stone is Rolled Back!

It’s such a wonderful day! We get to celebrate Jesus’ triumph over death and the grave!

One awesome thing that God has done for me in recent years is taking away my fear of death. I used to be afraid that I would get to the Judgment and be turned away for some sin I didn’t know about. Or, perhaps, I would fail to get as much done for God as He wanted, and lose some of my reward.

But God has done a work in my heart. He has cancelled the lies and shown me that He came to take away our fear of death. That it’s only because of His grace that I can measure up, and He is more than happy to extend it any time I need His help. And one night in a dream, I suddenly realized that dying only means that I will be transported home to be in the presence of ultimate love forever. How cool is that?

Praise be to Him who has conquered the grave!

For lyrics and sheet music, see The Stone Is Rolled Back.

Photo by canstockphoto/rfcansole


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One Reply to “New Recording: The Stone is Rolled Back!”

  1. Beautiful, Joel — both the music and the words! What an amazing thing Jesus has done and is doing for us — grace extended without measure, over and over, with no danger of it ever running out!

    I love this part, too: “dying only means that I will be transported home to be in the presence of ultimate love forever.” Amen and amen!

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