Building on the Rock

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1. Jesus climbed a mountain tall,
His commandments there to tell.
His disciples came to hear what He would say.
“Shine your light so those around
See your works and worship God.
Love and bless your enemies and for them pray.
Store not treasure on the earth,
Always put God’s kingdom first.
Walk the narrow way and watch for prophets fake.”
Then a parable he spoke
Of which we should all take note,
If we want to enter Heaven’s pearly gates.

Are you wisely building on a firm foundation,
Will your house withstand the storm?
Or are you the fool with hasty completion,
Who lost when the strong rains poured?
If you want your house to withstand the tempest,
You must follow Christ’s commands.
Then your soul can rest when the strong winds blast,
For you’ll know your house will stand!

2. Now the wise man on the rock
Built a house of solid stock,
For he knew that was the way it would be strong.
But the foolish, lazy man,
Built his house upon the sand,
Which was fine until a storm came along.
Then the rain came pouring down,
And began to flood the ground.
Yet the house upon the rock was safe and firm.
But the foolish man, dismayed,
Found his house was swept away
By the waters and the winds of the storm.


3. Friend, you are the foolish man,
And your house is on the sand,
If you hear the Word of God, but don’t obey.
If the wise man you would be,
To God’s Word you must give heed,
And obey the words He’s giv’n for us today.
If you follow His commands,
When on Judgment Day you stand,
He’ll give you a home in Heav’n for aye to dwell.
But if you have not obeyed,
Then “Depart from Me,” He’ll say,
“To the everlasting punishment of Hell.”


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