God Wrote the Bible

As I wrote in my article “Paul Said What?”, many people today talk as though Paul, John, Isaiah, etc., were the only authors of the Bible, without acknowledging the inspiration of God in their writings. This song is a response to that practice.

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1. Some people say that Paul and Moses wrote the Bible,
With men like Jeremiah, Luke and Solomon.
But if the prophets and apostles wrote the Bible,
That makes it nothing other than the words of men.

God wrote the Bible,
God wrote the Bible.
For His Spirit has inspired the words we read.
God wrote the Bible,
God wrote the Bible.
It’s the precious gift of God to you and me.

2. And then some commentators seem to go to great lengths
To tell us what it meant to the Colossians.
As they expound, they leave with us the false impression
That it was written only for the ones back then.

3. If you will read within the book of Second Timothy,
You’ll find that Scripture is inspired by the Lord.
So if we want to live a life that pleases Jesus,
We must obey what He’s commanded in His Word.

4. Let us no more proclaim that “Paul said to the Romans”,
Or talk as though God only gave it for that time.
For since the Lord inspired the entire Bible,
That means it’s full of gold that we today can mine.

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