I Love the Fountain

Sheet Music





1. I am a pilgrim on the narrow way,
Trying to serve the Lord from day to day.
I have been refreshed on this path I’ve trod,
By the crystal fountain of the Word of God.

I love the fountain of the Word so true!
Never, ever changing, yet it’s always new!
Giving me new strength each day,
All along the heav’nly way.
I love the fountain of the Word of God!

2. Many refuse the spring that I desire,
Filling their bottles from the lake of fire.
Though their throats are burning and their mouths are dry,
They reject the fountain that would satisfy.

3. Others prefer their water secondhand,
Filling their bottles with the words of man.
Jesus freely gives the water from His spring,
Flowing there for everyone to come and drink.

4. Come to the water Jesus offers you,
Drink in abundance and your strength renew.
Follow in the precepts that it gives to you,
And you will be strengthened by the Word so true!

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