I’m Going Up

Sheet Music





1. I’m not going to live forever on this planet here below,
My life is going to end some day, to Heaven I will go.
I’m not going to need a spaceship to carry me over there,
‘Cause my Lord will send an angel and I won’t have to pay the fare.

I’m going up, up, high
Some sweet day.
Going to sail past the moon,
And the stars and the Milky Way.
Going to take my flight to Heaven
With the King of Kings to be,
Oh, my brother, won’t you come along
And take that flight with me?

2. I won’t have to be an astronaut to travel through the sky,
My Savior’s going to take me up to Heaven when I die.
And though I know it’s far away, my journey won’t take me long,
I’ll sail right up into glory where I’ll join the Heav’nly throng.

3. Friend, you will not live forever, and someday you’re going to die,
Do you want to burn in fiery Hell or go to Heav’n on high?
Just give your life to Jesus, let Him wash your sins away,
Then you too can sail through space and reach the gloryland some day!

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