The Chicken Yodel

Sheet Music





Bwawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk oh dee yodel-lay-ee yodel-lay-ee dee. Bwawk bawk bawk bo del lee dee dee oh dee yodel-lo-ee yodel-o-ee doo. Bwawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk oh dee yodel-lo-ee yodel-o-ee dee. Bwawk bawk bawk bawk bawk buh del lay-ee dee.

1. There’s the sweetest place of refuge when the sky is dark and grim,
I’ve found a friend called Jesus, and put my trust   in Him.
No matter if the storm is howling, still my heart can sing,
He draws me closely to His side, protects me with His wings!

2. There is no one else to turn to as  mighty as the King,
The God who rules the universe, created everything.
He will never, ever leave those who have trusted Him alone,
Though great and mighty, He still loves and cares about His own.

3. Jesus calls you to His shelter, even if you’re far   away.
He greatly longs to have you near, so come to Him today.
As a caring mother hen protects her chicks beneath her wings,
He’s waiting now to gather you and be your Lord and King!

Dee yodel lay-ee odel-lay-ee odel-lay-ee odel-lay-ee odel-lay-ee o-oo tee ay ee dee. Yodel-lay-ee-dee dwee-dee-dee yodel-o-oo dwee. Dee yodel-lay-ee yodel-lay-ee odel-ay-ee odel-lay-ee yodel lay-ee o-oo dee. Dwee dee-do-lay-ee yodel-lo-oo odel-lay-ee yodel-lay-ee dee.

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