A Prophecy About Abuse in the Church

Early this morning, I awoke and sensed that the Lord was giving me something to write down. I wrote it as I heard it from Him.

Child abuse is a sin, and anyone who harbors a child molester commits a grievous sin against a Holy God. He will not hold them innocent!

For whoever harms one of these little ones who believe in Me, it would have been better to hang a millstone around his neck and toss him into the sea, so that he would never cause that little one the pain and harm that so many have suffered in My name. I have seen it and heard it, and I will not hold them guiltless any longer! It is time that judgment begins at the house of God.

I have been merciful to these molesters for years. But now, their time is up. Within three years I will punish all those who have aided and abetted the deeds of wicked men and women who have dared to do their grievous acts in My name! I have seen their deeds, and I will be silent no longer.

So hear My words and repent! Behold, I profess to all those who hear this prophecy: I will punish the one who abuses anyone in my name. Their deeds will be brought to an end, and their works will cease. And as for those who harbor them, their so-called kingdoms will be brought to an end and their “thrones” brought to ruin. I will strike the prophet and the priest alike; the prophet who utters lies and protects the guilty, and the “priest” who acts as a wolf in my sanctuary by destroying those whom I have given to his or her care.

Behold, I am coming quickly. Therefore, as I told the churches in the first century, so many years ago, be zealous and repent! Purge out every one of these wicked people from among you! Hand over every abuser to the legal system and do everything to see that justice is done!

For I, the Lord, love justice and delight in mercy. I will show mercy to My children who have been driven away. I will remember their iniquities no more, but will draw them back in a way which they have not seen. Even though they have not known me, I will make myself known to them. They will find healing and hope from all that my wicked ambassadors have done to turn them away.

And in the place where there was hurt, there will be healing. In the place where wounds have been made, I will open springs of living water that will cleanse those who have been driven away, and remove the filth that was poured out on them. I will draw them gently, like a nursing mother nourishes her delightful little one, and like a tender doctor cares for one who has been hurt.

I will not chide them for their sins, nor cause them to be ashamed. They will turn, and find me, and light will fill their souls.

And in the place where sin has been most prevalent, I will make a valley of Hope. Not a hope like you have duped My children with, causing them to fear and tremble, but a valley of healing, where minds and hearts will be renewed, and where the guilty will be made whole. This will not be about throwing around empty words of “Jesus saves” while abusing His chosen ones. No, in this place, the truth will be spoken. But not as the truth has been spoken before, with pointing of the finger and waving of hands to lead people into sin and to cause them to turn their backs on Me.

But now My word will be spoken in the anointing of my Spirit. I point you to my servant, Rachael Denhollander, who has already done much good for My kingdom by turning people from sin into righteousness. I will raise up an army like her, who will storm the kingdom of darkness and rescue the ones who have been trapped.

I the Lord have spoken this.


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