Finding the Truth About Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos

Nowhere in the New Testament does God tell us that we should seek to preserve our virginity until marriage. Instead, He tells us to walk in sanctification and honor, and to abstain from sexual sins. What’s the difference? Everything. Read More …

The Trauma of Spiritual Abuse, Part 2: Blinded, Bleeding, Broken

As I began to read about the effects of sexual abuse, I started to see some definite similarities between the effects of sexual abuse and spiritual abuse. Both can seem fairly innocuous. Both can have far-reaching consequences that no one, including the victim, recognizes as the result of the abuse.

But the results are there, nonetheless. Read More …

Purity Culture Messed Me Up. This New Book Explains Why.

I grew up in Purity Culture.

And while, to some people, that probably sounds like a good thing, it wasn’t.

But what in the world could be wrong with promoting purity?

Plenty. Read More …