Yes, God’s Love is Truly Unconditional

Jesus tells us that we should love our enemies—those who hate and mistreat us—so that we can be like our Father in Heaven. In other words, God doesn’t expect any more of us than He expects of Himself.

According to Jesus, if God’s love was conditional, He would be no better than the tax collectors who loved those who loved them. There would be nothing special about Him. Read More …

Learning to Know Our Father, Part 2: God Is Love

The most important thing to understand about God’s love is this simple phrase:

God is love.

Love is not merely something that God does or feels. Rather, God is love, and true love is God. The two are not only inseparable, they are one and the same. Love is Who God is.

This is a powerful, incredible concept that I do not fully understand myself. Those three simple words communicate an immense concept that I could discuss for pages and pages, so I won’t even try to do justice to the subject. Here are some things that I do see, however… Read More …

Learning to Know Our Father, Part 1

Do you live in fear of God? Are you are afraid of Him—afraid to die, afraid of His judgment, afraid that you’ll make a small mis-step and be brutally disciplined?

Let me assure you: God specifically says that He does not want you to live in fear of Him. There is no need for you to live in fear and turmoil, uncertain if you can trust Him! Read More …